You                 But
Still                 You
Don’t              Think
Get                 You
It.                    Do.

also making a pillow-cover for my Mom. she made a needlepoint of some sunflowers and i’m sewing fabric around the edges for the front n then making a slip cover in the back. its going on a 12x20” pillow-form so i made the slip cover opening 3/4 of the length in the back so the pillow-form can slip easily in and out without having to fold it too much. hope it works out, my math has been a bit off while i’ve been piecing it together. I like the experience though. i’ve been planning out a quilt to make, and the dimensions and proportions for quilting have to be super precise otherwise things don’t match up, so it’s nice to freshen up my math skills with something small like a pillow cover.

making a hunting vest for my Dad. I’m excited, i love sewing and i hope he will like it. He will probably use it anyway just so i don’t feel bad.